Sara Technologies supplies a comprehensive and integrated information system that is designed to manage all the aspects of an educational institute.

Best IT Solutions for Tribal Schools

For over a decade, Sara Technologies, Inc. has been supporting the needs of New Mexico tribal schools in the "E-Learning Domain," as is well reflected in our product portfolio.

Traditional approaches encompass paper-based information processing, as well as resident work positions and mobile data acquisition and presentation. With our advanced technical and analytical expertise, our rigorous testing, regulatory review, and advanced facilities, we help our tribal school clients attain faster regulatory approval.

We offer a diverse range of contract analytical research, consulting, and testing services to support global education industries developing and manufacturing new portals, systems, and products.

To support tribal schools’ technological goals, we fully leverage diverse software technologies and platforms to create effective learning apps for students.

Sara Technologies offers Tribal Schools:
  • Over 10 years’ experience of serving tribal schools in the “E-Learning Domain”
  • A comprehensive IT management system
  • Premiere technical consulting and assistance
  • Services and facilities aimed to help tribal schools gain faster regulatory appeal
  • Customized, effective learning apps for students
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