Why E-Governance

How It Works?

E-Governance is an application that empowers and enables governmental boards and agencies to have vital financial and non-financial information accessible immediately with the push of a button. The application's benefits are designed to streamline the inner workings of legislative teams, tribal leadership and councils, city councils, the board of directors, the board of governors, enterprise boards, and other agencies.

Rather than the old, costly model of hosting physical board meetings that use stacks of print-outs, the E-Governance application can be utilized by portable computers or hand-held devices, such as smartphones or tablets. The software increases organizations' effectiveness by affording users instant access to updated budgets, revenue and expenditure reports, cash reports, human resource reports, resolutions, minutes, and high value purchases, with minimal human involvement and greater user independence.

Features of the E-Governance

Clearly, this web-based software solution offers the low-cost, valuable, and easy-to-use tools necessary for the new-generation legislative organization. Key features of the E-Governance application:

  • Resolution Manager
  • E-Forms for Beneficiaries of Various Programs
  • Council Meeting Organization
  • Reporting (real-time budgets, revenue & expenditure reports, program evaluation reports, cash status reports)
  • Public Library (share and store documents)
  • Address Book
  • Announcements

Our Product

E-Governance is a subscription-based software application that conducts organizations' internal governance services via the Internet, to provide an exchange of communication transactions and services between entire government frameworks. When utilized, our E-Governance application helps reduce an organization's costs, both by streamlining and converting physical board meetings into Cloud-based governance systems, and also through bypassing real estate investments and establishment prerequisites by offering e-governance services to the citizens.

Our software offers organizations faster and more cost-effective solutions than ever available before. By working with virtual technology, E-Governance provides agencies ways to save the money and time of hosting standard board meetings, increase the transparency and accountability of human resources, and provide users with real-time answers to their inquiries.

E-Governance Specifications

Live Chat

An organization is ensured cohesive communication with the Live Chat option. This feature displays all online users and allows for instant messaging by text, img/webimg, and attached files. Live Chat is an invaluable feature of the E-Governance application.

Address Book

The Address Book feature of E-Governance is a valuable online contact management system that allows users to store and utilize contact records in a protected, central location. With our Contact Manager, you can import and export contact lists, and conveniently organize each contact by group, department and designation.

Council Meeting Organization

This feature creates a database that arranges and organizes tribal council meetings online. The council secretary is able to add tribal meeting details, such as schedules and reminders, and this information is then made accessible to tribal council members and attendees.

Resolution Manager

E-Governance's Resolution Manager is an organizing function that summarizes and categorizes tribal council resolutions by subject matter, date, and other relevant sub-categories. The Resolution Manager enables the storage and ongoing review of resolutions passed by tribal officials, tribal members, and authorized personnel.


With the E-Forms function, documents such as employment applications, health benefit applications, insurance forms, and change requests are made available online over a secure interface for instant access by members in the community and other authorized users.

Public Library

The Public Library stores all relevant files and folders securely, and creates a database that provides easy and immediate access to any and all files from any location. This feature enables inter-personal sharing of information, namely government-to-government (G2G) which involves the council and tribal officials, without compromising the security or confidentiality of the underlying information.


The Events module provides a simple and useful manner of staying attuned to calendar events, such as meetings, conferences, and deadlines. Application users can quickly move between application features and keep abreast of all engagements on their calendar.


E-Governance's Reporting function provides simple and customizable ways to create various reports, as per the governing council's requirements. We can customize your report templates and offer all of your users these templates, including any kind of E-Forms necessary, such as income expenditures, transaction reports, and grand reports. Available Reporting features include, but are not limited to, transaction reports, transaction summaries, budget reports, and expenditure reports by department.


The Transactions Report delivers information about all fiscal transactions. This report includes transactions entered or processed and transactions on highlighted dates. If a user's fiscal knowledge is rusty, this application assists with the nuts and bolts of accounting. It helps manage the budget for all fiscal years; unlike short-term analyses, E-Governance averages an organization's spending over a longer stretch of time. It takes into account semi-annual and annual reporting that looks excessive in the short run, yet is conventional with a more extended perspective.


User will be able to see new Announcements on their dashboard. This will notify them about any updates available regarding the software.

Opinion Polls

User feedback is crucial for refining an organization to its best performance and ensuring that its members feel heard. With E-Governance's Opinion Polls, users can easily create various polls to keep abreast of users' viewpoints and suggestions.

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