E-Curriculum Specifications

E-Curriculum is a web based tool to help teacher to manage their curriculum and also to principal to see the status of courses taught by teachers. It helps educators lead their students to success in grades K-12.

Standards Manager

Each school has different Standards under different grades. A user can manage all the standards from this portal on the basis of:

Content Area




This is one of the most important features of e-curriculum. Teachers can schedule their lessons for upcoming week or days. As soon as user logged in the portal, they can see their schedule on the Dashboard screen.


Application provides User friendly reporting feature. Reports can be generated using different filtration. Following reports are available here:

Course Report

Standard Report

Schedule Report

Recap Report

User Log

Email Notification

Automatic email notifications on weekly and daily basis will be sent to all the teachers and principal too.

Holiday Manager

Schools Holiday calendar can be manage, whenever they schedule it will notify the users about the holidays.

Online Meeting

Online Meetings are pretty ubiquitous these days especially in terms of tighter budgets, saving time, and dispersed work teams. E-curriculum offers a comprehensive solution that allows schools to implement school wide meeting programs, allows principal to plan a meeting, invite teachers.

Schedule the Meetings

Invitation to teachers for meetings

Meeting reminder

Instant online meeting

Public Library

The Public Library stores all relevant files and folders securely, and creates a database that provides easy and immediate access to any and all files from any location. This feature enables inter-personal sharing of information, namely government-to-government (G2G) which involves the council and tribal officials, without compromising the security or confidentiality of the underlying information. There may be different files like:

Audio files

Video files

Document files


Address Book

The Address Book feature of E-Curriculum is a valuable online contact management system that allows users to store and utilize contact records in a protected, central location. With our Contact Manager, you can import and export contact lists, and conveniently organizes each contact by group, department and designation.


User will be able to see new Announcements on their dashboard. This will notify them about any updates available regarding the software.

Live Chat

An organization is ensured cohesive communication with the Live Chat option. This feature displays all online users and allows for instant messaging by text, images, and attached files. Live Chat is an invaluable feature of the E-Curriculum application.


The Events module provides a simple and useful manner of staying attuned to calendar events, such as meetings, conferences, and deadlines. Application users can quickly move between application features and keep abreast of all engagements on their calendar.


User feedback is crucial for refining an organization to its best performance and ensuring that its members feel heard. With E-Curriculum Opinion Polls, users can easily create various polls to keep abreast of users’ viewpoints and suggestions.

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