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Cloud Lifecycle Services

Cloud Lifecycle Management Services - Cloud Service Lifecycle Phases Monitoring Expert

The trend is clear as more and more organizations migrate their business practices to a cloud environment for the countless advantages offered by cloud computing. Sara Technologies supports your business’s flexibility and growth by constructing for your company a cloud strategy aimed at easy scalability and real-time responsiveness, as well as incomparable cost-efficiency.

Our Cloud Lifecycle Services are on-target and essential, refined by over a decade of providing high quality cloud services to various industries. With our decade-plus experience at the drawing board, our team can confidently guide your company to make the best decisions about cloud service, up-scaling IT resources, and flexible merging on-site systems with cloud-based services.

Our Cloud Lifecycle Services focus on these key areas:

Cloud Lifecycle Advisory

  • Creates a cloud strategy for your company that is focused on your immediate goals and also long-term projections.
  • Provides a guide about the best method and reasons for migrating your business to a cloud environment.
  • Offers consultancy services to help address all of your cloud security concerns and solutions, to find a cloud strategy design that keeps your data safe.
  • Offers assessments of your system to help you modernize and implement infrastructure and applications innovations.
  • Cloud Modernization Services

  • Provides your company with clear solutions to make the migration to a cloud environment as quick and easy as possible.
  • Supports IaaS, Paas, and all other service models, as well as all deployment models.
  • Safely migrates applications and infrastructure to a cloud environment. Helps transition and modernize your data centers.

    cloud operations management

  • Helps increase your business’s flexibility and adaptability while reducing ownership costs.
  • Offers cloud hosting from various infrastructure models.
  • Provides comprehensive disaster recovery service, as well as backup and restore services.
  • Cloud Service Management

  • Offers management of your company’s traditional infrastructure, as well as cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Assists with the security of your infrastructure and applications.
  • Helps with the management of your cloud-based applications.
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