Advantages That Can Be Accessed With Our Day Care Center Software

Built for you

Specially developed to promote daycare business and to automate their daily operations in an advanced approach.

Save Money

The manual management of records and daily operation control may cost you a lot, but by automating this process can save a huge amount of money.

Save Time

Users can save a lot of time by automating the childcare management system in a precise and appropriate way. It reduces the time taken to execute a specific operation.


Simplified & advanced payment system, parents can process a headache free payments just on a single confirmation click that the button will appear on their system.

Digital Attendance & Sign-in

No physical signature required, staff, as well as staff, can digitally mark their attendance and it can be remotely accessed from anywhere.

Daily Reports & Assessment

Daily activities, the performance of a child can be checked by the parents remotely after logging into the parent's panel.

Easy to Use & Operate

No technical expertise required, anyone can operate the application just by installing it into the system.

Parent Teacher Meeting Scheduling

Parents can remotely schedule their meetings with teacher and vice versa by following their respective portal (parents/ teacher portal) given in the daycare software.

Best Home Day Care Application for Childcare Centers & Preschools 

For promoting day care centers, Sara Technologies Inc. is here with a hi-tech application and software system through which daycare centers, preschools can ideally manage and improve their daycare business in a well-proficient and perfectly stable approach. We are having

readymade daycare software and applications

fulfilling all the basic to advanced needs of day care centers, home daycare, and preschools. Since from our inception in the year 2007, we have served more than 75 daycare centers and 55 preschools with their

custom home daycare center software


If you are an owner of a licensed daycare center, you must need an automated software system through which you can proficiently manage your daycare activities and operations in a well-planned approach to access a headache free and timely reporting on a daily basis. By implementing our

day care center software

into your business, you can automate a wide range of operations such as digital attendance & sign-in, reporting & assessment of daily operations, paperless billing & invoicing, remotely accessing the daily activities of a student as well as the teacher, online schedule management, automatic payment system, etc. In simple words, a headache free

home day care software

that can automate the daily operations and enables it for both teachers and parents to keep an eye on child’s real-time activities.

Our Home Day Care App Specifications









Automated Invoice

Invoice List

Receive Payment

Payment Register








Child Reports

Child Medical Reports

Parent Report

Billing Report

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