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Automotive industries are passing through unparalleled transformation. The profit and growth centers for automotive OEMs are slowly shifting to emerging markets. In a practice to remain competitive, and profitable, the automotive manufacturers and suppliers are needed to address the major challenges including safety regulations, rising product complexity, and strict environment. They need to get a deeper knowledge of evolving needs for car connectivity, overcapacity, and cost pressures while adapting to diverse demand and supply needs. Consumer influencing digital technologies, customer preferences, evolving role of dealers and new digital retail formats are also a key and revolutionary factors for the success of an automobile industry.
Sara Technologies is here to offer a wide variety of IT services across the complete automotive value chain including:
  • Dealer Management System
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing and Sales
  • After Sales

  • Our IT services will assist you to revolutionize your business by enhancing business efficiency, profitability, and agility. We also support you enter new markets, build better products, reduce costs, streamline your supply chain, enhance your brand presence, enable efficient manufacturing, build long-lasting customer relationships & loyalty and improve sales processes.

    Technology Solutions that Sara Technologies Provides:
  • Dealer Management System
  • PLATO-Automotive Test Lifecycle Management
  • Warranty Management Software
  • WiQTr-Enterprise Quality Management System
  • EcoMeter Connect
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